The stay in the asylum seekers hostel,‭ ‬which has lasted for over‭ ‬a year,‭ ‬has been a wearing and exhausting time. After both of the Iranian parents receive their work permits,‭ ‬they are in hope to start leading a normal life again.

But these hopes‭ ‬founder when Omid is not granted the German license to practice as a doctor.

Instead of giving up,‭ Dr. Illegal starts searching in his surroundings for patients.

Treating his first cases illegally in the‭ ‬kitchen of the asylum seekers hostel,‭ ‬Omid puts his family at risk.

Whilst mother Jasmin is grappling with a‭ “‬cleaners job‭”‬, Daryaa,‭ ‬Omids and Jasmins daughter,‭ ‬is trying to succeed in getting transferred from middle secondary school to grammar school.

Problems start building up with a growing number of social contacts,‭ ‬and so do conflicts with friends as with‭ ‬responsibility towards the patience.‭

With the uncertainty of a permanent stay‭ ‬hovering over them,‭ ‬the family have learned to make do with very little.

How much further will they have to go‭? ‬How much more will they have to endure to reach social acceptance‭?

Old wounds are ripped open and new scares are added as the family tries to maintain their sense of humour.

For this is necessary to maintain their dignity when it comes to wandering the stony path that will lead them to becoming a part of German society.