We want to use the successful genre of a‭ "‬DOCTOR SERIES‭" ‬to draw attention to the policy concerning asylum seekers of the German government.‭ ‬It is important to us that the asylum seekers should not be portrayed as victims.‭ ‬Above all,‭ ‬we want to show their strength and determination when attempting to build a new life for themselves.

‭ ‬

Dr.‭ ‬Illegal and his family are an example of the many immigrants who are trying to make a new life for themselves in Germany.‭ ‬In particular an example of those asylum seekers who have been painfully branded by the flight from their native country,‭ ‬and who are forced to come to terms with their life in hostels for asylum seekers,‭ ‬with bureaucracy and with great misfortune.‭ ‬They manage to find a new homeland without losing their cultural roots.

‬The unflagging will of the characters in achieving their goals is the central theme of our project.‭ ‬In our research we have seen this strength again and again,‭ ‬and it is the central idea that we want to put across.‭ ‬It is our primary purpose to show that with enough will and determination,‭ ‬integration is possible.