• Martin Rohé Producer / Author

    Martin Rohé was born in Braunschweig in 1985. After leaving school he went to Poland and supervised several productions editorially for “TVP-Telewizja Polska”, a TV-station governed by public law. Other than only being interested in the economical and organisational parts of producing, he also has a strong interest for the artistic side of filmmaking. He has been able to gain important experience as a material specialist and cameraman by working with the well-known film-contractor “Studio Hamburg”. Since 2009 Martin Rohe has been studying movie and TV-production at the film academy Baden- Württemberg. As a producer he is responsible for commercial as well as student projects.

  • Jan Galli Author

    Jan Galli was born in Freiburg in 1979. After finishing school, he staged the play “Antigone” with a group of Berlin squatters. One year later he made the autonomous produced movie “Fear of death”. With his band “Urlaub” (Holliday), he has performed in various clubs in Berlin and has composed stage music for the popular theatre in Munich in 2008.Since 2007 Jan Galli has been active as a free-lance author in scriptwriting and has worked with screenwriter Stefan Dähnert on several TV-productions. Since 2010he has been studying scenic film at the film academy Baden Württemberg and has managed to implement numerous projects.

  • Alexander Pietzsch Producer

    Alexander Pietzsch was born in Stuttgart in 1990. In 2006 at the age of sixteen he went into business by himself with his project DILATO. Only three years later he founded his own company that has been producing event-movies around the Stuttgart area for up to five years now. Since 2011 he has been taking the course of study for production as student of the film academy Baden-Württemberg.

  • Leonie Pokutta Production manager

    Leonie Pokutta was born Munich in 1988 and grew up in Germany and the south of France. After passing her a-levels she spent a voluntary year of social service in Cali, Columbia. During her time in South America she decided to take a course of study at the film academy there. Besides various cultural and art projects she accomplished several documentaries and short-movies. With her internship she also had the chance to gain experience in producing feature films. Since October 2012 she has been studying film-production at the film academy Baden-Württemberg.

  • Johannes Sigel Associate Producer

    Johannes Sigel was born in Vendome, south of France, and grew up in Freiburg, Breisgau. After completing his course of study as a teacher for primary and lower secondary school, he travelled to the States for an expedition on home-schooling and spent half a year there. In 2004 he founded “Die Märchenerzähler”, performing their own theatrical and musical adventure stories for children in south Germany in cooperation with Daniel Cotic. After working as a teacher in Baden-Württemberg and Hessen, he graduated from the PH Ludwigsburg with a master’s degree in educational science. Since 2009 he has been a member of the south regional project team for the German school-award and as such has been organizing events for school managements.

  • Daniel Vulcano Musik

    Daniel Vulcano was born in 1980. He took studies of music-theory and new media with Prof. Siegfried Eipper and completed the instrumental major course of piano with Toshiko Yasuda-Brommer at the University of Music and performing arts in Stuttgart. After composing and performing several pieces of Orchestra, he is now working as a composer and arranger for movie and commercial productions.

  • Ina Blus Production Assistent

    Ina Blus was born in 1984 in Hilden. In 2009 she completed successfully actingschool in Hamburg and worked until 2013 as a freelance actress in several film and theatreproductions. At the same time she collected many experiences in filmmaking both on set and in the production office. At last she made an internship at UFA FICTION GmbH in Ludwigsburg. Since 2014 Ina Blus has been studying movie an TV production at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg.